AssureNet LLC takes on the complexity of assisting Clients with Network Migration, Network Management, Network Optimization, Mobile Advertising Platforms, Video on Demand Systems, WiMax to LTE conversions and SaaS/IaaS/PaaS in the Cloud Managed Services with the Network Operations and Performance operating more efficiently and economically while reducing capital expenditures and improving QOS/QOE.



Make the Intelligent Choice: High performance and best cost network services.

Providing advanced telecommunications services designed to fit your specific requirements, we research intelligent solutions and offer options to choose from depending on both budget and performance criteria. Services offered include but are not limited to; IP Transit, Local Access, Wireless, International, Domestic and Metro-private line, Private IP (MPLS), Ethernet, Video on Demand, WiMax, Custom Designed Networks and much more.


Speed & Reliability with delivering Project specific and Program level Consulting, Engineering Services and Managed Services. 

Our consulting practice is used to assess the current network management operation and plan a successful solution to the competitive demands on Network and Technology Upgrades and Transitions while implementing New Services without degradation of QOS/QOE.


Quick Response to Hosted Managed Services Programs with integrated root cause analytics.

Our Services Business offers a unique Hosted Network Management capability using rules-based predictive fault and root-cause-analysis identification, as related to the Service Network topology in near real-time, while ensuring that KPIs are always performing within acceptable SLA levels.


Safety with cloud computing environment.

Our exclusive combination of advanced technologies simplifies the management of high-value network service offerings.


If you are looking for a better, simpler way to manage your network and deliver innovative services to your end-users, we'd like to conduct an impartial, no-obligation analysis of your network operations and provide our recommendations on how it can be improved - please click here to send us your contact information:!

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